Management Courses

Future Institute for Training and Languages integrates the use of software and specialized training courses to develop in-demand skills in the fields of corporate management, office administration, human resources, engineering, health and the gas & petrochemical industry. The aim is to boost production levels and improve efficiency at all organizational levels by implementing best practices in order to keep pace with global changes and achieve excellence and success. 
Our enthusiastic and highly qualified trainers have years of field experience. Programs are designed and tailored to meet our customers' specific needs and exceed their expectations. 
You can email us to ask us to organize conferences and design special courses and workshops to suit your individual and organization's requirements.
Corporate Leadership and Business Administration Courses
  • Office Management
  • Executive Secretary
  • Office automation .
  • Typing Arabic and English
  • Data Entry
  • Managerial and leadership skills development programs 
  • Accounting software for financial and banking systems
  • Human resources and corporate trainer programs
  • Contracts, procurement processes and tenders 

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